In this house, we have a new Call And Response.

Call: Devils, Kraken!
Response: Make it happen!

As a lifelong NJD fan now living in WA, I’d love to see these two face off in the finals. For me, that’s a win no matter who takes the cup. (Yet, with apologies to my home team, my ultimate preference will remain true to my NJ roots).

So, anyway, I asked craiyon to generate an image of “David Puddy from Seinfeld with his iconic New Jersey Devils face paint, but half of it was Seattle Kraken face paint instead.”

Here’s another attempt where I added that the split should be left versus right, but it seems that took priority over the David Puddy part and we got Alexander Skarsgard instead?

a photo generated by craiyon; a man with short blond hair smiles, his face covered in paint, some of which matches the team colors of the Seattle Kraken and the rest of which matches the New Jersey Devils

Not to say that the first one looked very much like Puddy either.

In any case, Let’s Go Kravils!