This is a super good read.

It’s really pretty simple. I can, during that time, pair up with 10 less experienced developers and show them how to find solutions in minutes for things that would have taken them hours or days. I can make myself available to answer their questions. I can intervene at the point where they’d have thrown up their arms in frustration and despair and spent the rest of the day reading buzz feed and cracked. I can clear obstacles from their paths and help them get things done. I can get them excited about programming and enjoying their jobs.

If I were a high performing developer, but I did none of that, and just used those less experienced or less engaged developers as a prop to make the claim that I’m in some kind of elite club of “10x” people, the opportunity cost of my attitude would more than offset my skill from an industry perspective. If, instead, I help them up their game and overcome hurdles, then perhaps that 10x designation might actually mean something.