This is why we pair! - Me, many times

Another one. These things are so simple, but they’re only useful if you know they exist. I’ve been planning a post that covers my thoughts on pairing, but (spoiler alert!) this kind of little stuff is one of the great benefits.

I had to reimage a machine, so my console hotkeys are not all the same as they used to be. I usually remap Ctrl+V to paste, since that is consistent with most apps in the Windows ecosystem. Until I do so, it’s Right Click > Edit > Paste.

I was telling Patrick how I love to stay at the keyboard and eschew the mouse as much as possible, and he pointed out that I could just do Alt+EnterSpace*, E, P. This isn’t quite as short as the Ctrl+V remapping, but it works out of the box. I like it!

* Thanks to Michael for noticing that I had this correct in the title, but typed the wrong content in the body.