The Linklog Feature

Another quick edit that I made to in the theme was to handle the external-url for linklog posts, as described in the Octopress docs.

I found that this feature wasn’t working for me. I couldn’t find anyplace that attempted to use external-url, so I just kind of decided on a place that works for me and put it there.

Show Me The Code

You can check out the pull request or the commit it contains. I cleaned up the unintentional whitespace changes in the follow-up commit.

Basically, I just added a capture for entryhref, using the external_url if present. Later, after the line that handles adding the Comments link as appropriate, I added a line that adds the Permalink as appropriate.

I’m still finding my way around Octopress and am definitely open to thoughts if I’m going about this stuff the wrong way. Let me know.