Just a quick post to share the resources from my CodeStock 2012 talks. The conference was a blast, but I don’t have time to do a full recap right now. I do want to say thank you to all who attended. Also, a huge thank you to Michael Neel for organizing the event and taking a chance on newer speakers.

Committed to Good Commits

Committed intro slide

First, a replay of my Committed To Good Commits talk from TechMixer University. I updated the slides; while they still had a bit of a bullet point feel to them, they’re perhaps a bit prettier. You can get the pptx, pdf, or pdf with notes. There’s no code here, it’s all discussion.

Mind the Gap - Creating Native Mobile Applications with PhoneGap

Mind the Gap intro slide

Ah, nothing like a verbose subtitle. I was very excited to have a great turnout for this talk, and I hope that I delivered a useful and entertaining introduction to PhoneGap. Here are the pptx, pdf, and pdf with notes.

As for the code samples, I showed the “example” projects that come with the PhoneGap downloads. And technically, while we didn’t look at the code for the following, I did reference my terrible, terrible hack to show-off PhoneGap Build.

For the Record (...or not)

I did try, but a certain free screen recording software failed me twice. For Committed, it crashed while trying to mix the audio and video; for Mind the Gap, it wouldn't even launch. Sorry about that.

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