Update: This will be a brand new talk for me, so let me me know in the comments if there are any particular points you’d like to see covered.

Here’s the abstract I threw together for my upcoming Web API talk at HUNTUG (@huntug) on Tuesday 4/10/2012. I hope to see a lot of familiar faces from my time in Huntsville! Perhaps a pre-game trip to Cricket’s!?

Do you love ASP.NET MVC, but you want to move beyond sending HTML to the browser? Are you interested in embracing HTTP and exposing a clean API to a wider range of clients? ASP.NET MVC 4, now in beta, includes the ASP.NET Web API to help you do just that. In this talk, we’ll examine what it’s good for as we build out a basic API with support for OData and content negotiation. We’ll also look at tips and tricks, gotchas, and security.

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