David Ruttka

I make computers do things


I’ve been happy to speak on a variety of topics at conferences and on podcasts.

A Whole New World of JavaScript Testing with Jasmine

I gave this talk at devLink in 2013 and again over lunch with my team.


I gave this talk twice. The first time was for HUNTUG while it was still in Beta. The next time was for TechMixer University.

Committed to Good Commits

I’ve done this one several times. Internally, for HUNTUG, and at CodeStock. I love the topic, but I don’t really like the talk…people usually choose the new shiny over source control best practices.

Continous Integration From Scratch – Zero to Hero in 60min

I only did this one once, but it was one of my favorites. Agile Birmingham had me drop in an go over the concepts of CI from the beginning, and simultaneously go from new VM to continuous delivery using git and TeamCity. The idea was to remove “It’s too hard or too costly” from the list of common excuses not to get started.

Mind the Gap (An Introduction to PhoneGap)

This was also at CodeStock a gentle introduction to PhoneGap, including a demo of a sliding puzzle app. I used this as a driver to dive into PhoneGap myself.

Enterprise Agility

I did this one internally for my team to help us discover where we could apply an agile mindset and iterative approach within a very process heavy, very waterfall enterprise.

Developing Field Applications Using ArcGIS Mobile

ESRI had me on in the summer of ‘08 to talk about how 3-GIS was using their new Mobile SDK to drive a better experience for field crews. The MP3 is probably floating around somewhere, but I’d rather not find it.

Moving Forward with Service Oriented and Mobile Architecture Paradigms

This was my first talk, and the title is to this day one of my (not so) secret shames. I did it at GITA, but my heart really wasn’t in it. I have lost the abstract, and don’t remember exactly what I had to say. I list it only for historical purposes, and as a reminder to myself of what not to do =)