David Ruttka

I make computers do things

A little history

Since when?

Since the mid-80s when I stumbled upon my brother playing King’s Quest on something that looked a little something like this:

image attribution: Rderijcke

Right, but…serious stuff?

King’s Quest is pretty damn serious, but I began collecting paychecks for professional software development in 2002.

What languages, platforms, and frameworks?

The bulk of my experience has been in C# and the .NET Framework, particularly the various flavors of ASP.NET.

Next, JavaScript and ActionScript / Flex, starting with jQuery, then into Knockout, and most recently Angular.

Beyond that, I’ve done work in a variety of environments: assembly for the IBM 370, Ruby, C, F#, and more.

Where / for whom?

Companies big, small, and in between. I started as an intern for the DOE. Next I was an individual contributor, and then a project lead, at Telcordia Technologies. I spent several years at 3-GIS as a senior dev and lead. In the middle of that time, I left for a while to try new things at EBSCO Industries. Most recently, I left AL to join Microsoft in WA.

In what roles?

Throughout those years I’ve gotten to wear all the hats. From cranking out code to managing the schedule, from working through requirements with customers to supporting onsite installations, from greenfield TDD to maintenance of the brownest brownfields.


Look over here.

I’m around

  • Twitter: @druttka
  • Legacy blog posts: The DevStop
    • I hope to migrate these soon.
  • Email: First name, at the domain you’re on now.
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